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Three things you need to know about buying brake hoses


Three things you need to know about buying brake hoses

When it comes to buying brake hoses for trucks and other industrial transport machinery, it’s essential that you follow these three rules:

  1. Always buy a top-quality product. 

    Trucks, forklifts and other transport are the lifeblood of many industries, allowing them to move their goods quickly and reliably to their destination. Buying a cheaper, unknown brand of brake hose doesn’t seem problematic on the surface, but these hoses can in fact compromise your entire operation. A failed brake hose doesn’t just mean more costly maintenance; it can mean loss of life as well as the loss or compromise of your products. Buying a reputable brand means peace of mind for your operations, your employees and the public.

  2. Regular maintenance is essential. 

    Even with a reputable brand of brake hose, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your transport equipment safely on the road and on-site. Call in an experienced technician to perform maintenance inspections on a regular basis and you’ll catch small issues before they become big problems.

  3. Partner with a reputable supplier. 

    A reputable supplier won’t just supply you with appropriate, top-quality brake hoses – they’ll offer you exceptional after sales service. This includes on-site replacement services, training your personnel in day-to-day maintenance and delivering rapid mobile services any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

Pirtek Southern Africa became the number one supplier of fluid transfer solutions and on-site repairs through constant innovation, exceptional service and the supply of a wide range of top quality industrial hoses, pipes and fittings. Partner with us and ensure that your brake hoses are up to international safety and performance standards. Contact us today.