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Replacing hydraulic hoses require expert advice and tremendous caution


Replacing hydraulic hoses require expert advice and tremendous caution

Repairing and handling hydraulic hoses require tremendous caution and experience.  Always take extra precautions and use the appropriate tools to handle hydraulic hoses. Due to the excessive pressure when hydraulic hoses are under pressure, serious personal harm can be caused if handled incorrectly and or irreparable damage to your equipment.

Some of the precautions to be taken when handling hoses:

  • Only qualified technicians should handle hydraulic hoses.

  • Use the right tools and protective gear.

  • Always inspect your equipment before attempting to replace the hose.

  • Release the pressure within the system before attempting to remove a hose.

  • Damaged hose cannot be repaired but must be replaced.

  • Hoses must be replaced with an equal or higher pressure rating.

Pirtek has a fleet of mobile units capable of producing hose assemblies onsite. Our qualified Pirtek MSST (Mobile Service and Sales Technicians) undergo regular training. Pirtek is MERSETA certified training organisation. Pirtek products are manufactured to the highest international standards. Reduce down time by contacting Pirtek’s mobile service today.