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Trucks, oils, abrasive materials - there's nothing gentle about transportation. That's why you need rugged equipment to get the job done. Pirtek's industrial hoses are made of reinforced materials that can withstand demanding situations and last a long time.

Oil/fuel suction hose - Do you need to transfer gasoline, oil or other petroleum-based products? Then this is the hose for you. This hose can absorb up to 50% aromatic components and transports petroleum products quickly.

Dry Material Unloading Powder Hose - Reinforced with abrasion-resistant, high-strength plastic chord, this hose is specifically designed to move coarse materials from silos to freight as quickly and safely as possible.

Superior Multipurpose Hose - Versatile and non-conductive, this hose is designed to meet all the demands of the day. Capable of carrying air, water, oil or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, it's like the Swiss Army knife of hoses.

With Pirtek, you can be sure your equipment will do exactly what it's supposed to do - work.