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Oil & Gas

When transporting flammable materials such as oils and gasses, safety is paramount. A burst hose not only results in harmful chemicals being released into the ground, but also endangers the lives and well-being of your employees.

Fuel Tank Hose - Reinforced with high-strength polyester yarn and embedded with an anti-static wire, this hose is specifically designed to safely transport fuels and oils with up to 50% aromatic content.

Oil/Fuel Suction Hose - Need to transfer gasoline, oil or other petroleum-based products? Then this is the hose for you. This hose can hold up to 50% aromatic content and transfers petroleum products quickly.

Superior Multipurpose Hose - This versatile and non-conductive hose is designed to handle any job that comes its way that day. It can carry air, water, oil or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, making it something like the Swiss Army knife of hoses.

Do not leave the safety of your employees and the jobsite to chance. Call Pirtek today to schedule your hose maintenance appointment.