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Construction is a tough job that requires rugged equipment. Our hydraulic and industrial hoses stand up to the wear and tear of any construction site. These hoses will accompany you on your projects.

Hydraulic Hoses - High pressure hydraulic hoses designed for superior fluid movement. These hoses are oil and abrasion resistant, extremely flexible and suitable for large PSI.

Compressed Air Hose - Withstands high air pressures to efficiently remove dirt and debris; perfect for any project from agriculture to mining.

Fuel Tank Hose - Specifically designed for low pressure transfer of fuels such as biodiesel, diesel and ethanol from drums, tanks and pumps.

Push-Lock Hose - This quick and easy-to-use hose was designed with push-on fittings in mind. With a working pressure of up to 300 PSI, this electrically non-conductive hose is perfect for general use.

Sandblast Hose - This extra durable hose blasts sand or other abrasive materials to clean, maintain or remove a variety of hard surfaces.

The last thing you need is a cracked hose that brings construction to a halt. Buy the these hoses and more from our product range at Pirtek.