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When it comes to agriculture, reliable equipment with a long service life is essential. Industrial hoses serve many purposes here, including transporting water, gasoline, hydraulic fluid and compressed air.

Fuel tank hose - It can be used to refuel agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines and other vehicles without any danger to you or your fields.

Quick Connect Couplings - Our extensive line of couplings are designed for easy and efficient use. These couplers allow you to quickly switch from one piece of equipment to another, so you can change tasks on the fly.

Compressed Air Hose - There are several uses for compressed air. For filling tires, cleaning equipment, and blowing in more oxygen in aquaculture, just to name a few. This hose can reach pressures up to 300 PSI and has been reinforced for harsh environments.

Superior Multipurpose Hose - Versatile and non-conductive, this hose is designed to handle any task that may be required that day. Capable of carrying air, water, oil or fuel with up to 50% aromatic content, it's like the Swiss Army knife of hoses.

At Pirtek we understand the urgency in agriculture and offer emergency hose service at ETA. Available 24/7/365.